Q: I am a complete beginner. How do I get started?

A: The perfect way to "acquire a taste" of ballroom and latin dancing is to book one private lesson. The instructor
will have you dancing the basic steps from some of our standard nine dances in no time at all. Our standard nine dances are: Foxtrot,
Waltz, Tango, Cha-Cha, Rumba, Samba, Merengue, Salsa and the Swing. After the lesson your instructor will inform you at what level of dancing ability you are at, and suggest a course most suitable for you.

Q: Will it take long?

A: Depending on how skilled you want to become, learning to dance the basic steps is fairly easy. Just like learning any new skill,
the more time you put into it, the better you will become. Our method is quite unique and straight forward to follow.

Q. Is there more to dance then just learning the steps?

A: A pianist will not learn to play a new song if he convinces himself to learn all the notes for one of his fingers, and all the notes for another, and so on through ten fingers. Unless the fingers learn to work together, no music gets made. Just like a good pianist, a good dancer must learn to coordinate all of the elements of dance:timing, footwork technique, posture, etc. All of these elements will then come together to make the dance look like it should. In other words the dancer will have developed the style of the dance. Our methods of teaching incorporates all of these elements together, while at the same time emphasizing the element that needs the most work. Just as a pianist wanting to strengthen his little finger, he plays exercises which work all fingers together, while emphasizing the little finger.

Q. How much do lessons cost?

A. It all depends on what you want from dancing. Just like any other skill, it costs more time (practice) and money the better you want to become. That is why we suggest you book your first complimentary lesson. After the lesson the instructor will access your dancing skill and based on what your goals are, he or she will then suggest a course and timetable most suitable for you. Most of our courses are made up of a varying combination of private hours and group classes. In the private hour you learn the new steps and the styling of the dance, and in the group classes and in our practice parties and outings is where you get to practice them.

Q. I have a pretty busy schedule, I don't have much free time?

A. We have pretty flexible hours. You can book a private lesson any time you wish including weekends. All it takes is one hour a week! And this will also be a good and easy way to get some exercise.


Q. I have heard much about styling. What is styling?

A: Style is about looking good, its about the way you move your hands, the way you execute your footwork, the way you look at your partner, the way you relax and make everything look so natural and beautiful. But It has to be spontaneous. Spontaneity comes from being relaxed, through the process of becoming coordinated.The nature of ballroom dancing is such that it makes you aware of your body and your body space. You draw upon all your motor skills by learning to control each and every muscle of your body to ultimately develop a well coordinated body that moves in time to music. Once you have developed this skill, styling will naturally follow and become part of your "dance vocabulary". You will feel confident in your ability to dance anywhere.

Q. Is dancing for all ages?

A. Yes most definitely! You are never too old to start dancing. Ballroom dancing is probably the only physical activity where age does not matter. We have taught students from ages 15 to 89 over the past fifteen years of our teaching experience, and once you have learned to dance, just like learning to ride a bike, its for life.You never forget.

Q. We are getting married soon. Do you choreograph the brideand groom wedding dance?

A. Yes, bring along the music you want a dance choreographed to during your first lesson, and the instructor will suggest a dance that fits to your music. If you do not have a particular song in mind, you can choose from our wide selection of romanticWaltzes, Foxtrots and Rumbas. You may even choose to do a Tango as some daring couples have done in the past. And after you get married we hope you will continue to dance. Dancing is a great way to keep the romance alive.

Q. Do I need to come with a partner?
A. No. The instructor is your partner during your private lesson. In the group classes there are enough unpaired students to go around. And we always encourage students to change partners.This way you learn more, since you won't get used to one partner's habit and method of leading or following.